As It Is In Heaven كما في السماء (Beirut: Manshurat al-Jamal, 2019)

One Night in All Cities ليل واحد في كل المدن (Beirut: Manshurat al-Jamal, 2012)


The Baghdad Blues (Harbor Mountain Press, 2007).

The Baghdad Blues (Harbor Mountain Press, 2007)                                          

Selected Poems:

A Postcard from the Underworld

Seven Poems

“Phosphorus,” Washington Square Journal (Winter/Spring 2011).

“Crossing” and “A Sign,” Ploughshares (Spring 2009).

“Five Poems” in World Literature Today, vol. 81, no. 5 (September/October 2007).

Poems in Anthologies
Inclined to Speak: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry, ed. Hayan Charara (Fayetteville: The University of Arkansas Press, 2008) 49-55.

Iraqi Poetry Today, ed. Saadi Simawe (London: Modern Poetry in Translation, 2003) 15-18.

Selected Poetry in Other Languages
“Il viatico dell’eusule,” in Italian Poetry Review, vol. vii, 2012 (Italian, tr. Ramona Ciucani).

Interview and poems in Poesia, no. 264 (October 2011) (Italian, tr. Ellena Bellina).

Interview and poems in Esrar, no. 4 (Spring 2010) (Turkish).